Frustrated with finding solutions for your back or neck pain? Need to relieve the pressure on your joints and enhance their function? Spinal manipulation therapy might be the ideal treatment to resolve your joint issues and reduce pain – safe and non-invasive! 

Often termed manual therapy, spinal manipulation therapy is carried out by applying controlled force (High-velocity low-amplitude thrust or low-velocity high amplitude) to the spinal joints to enhance spinal movements and body function.

The goal of this therapy is to promote healing, reduce inflammation, improve nerve and joint function, and provide relief from pain. Spinal manipulation therapy in Singapore is mainly used as a non-drug approach for the management of acute and chronic back pain.

But it can also be utilized to treat a range of concerns and medical conditions, including headaches, neck pain, backaches, shoulder issues, joint stiffness, whiplash injuries, sciatica, and various other musculoskeletal issues.

Benefits of Spinal Manipulation and Physical Therapy

  • Non-invasive – free from adverse complications
  • Non-drug approach – reduced drug dependency
  • Restores structural integrity – prevents injuries
  • Increases flexibility – improves range of movement
  • Promotes recovery – stimulates body’s healing mechanisms

There are many types of spinal manipulation, and while most physical therapists use their hands to perform the twisting and jolting movements, some practitioners work with traction devices to perform this procedure.

Spinal manipulation therapy in Singapore can also be carried out with ice and heat therapy or electrical stimulation for enhanced results. It typically involves a combination of exercises, massages, and physical therapy as well as moving and jolting joints.

Interested in discovering more about how spinal manipulation works and what its benefits are? Book an appointment now and meet with our expert physical therapists, who will guide you with all your concerns. 

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